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We set ourselves high standards. Quality is our top priority. We has been approved by the Underwriters Laboratory in America and also rewarded an ISO 19001 / ISO 14001 / TS 16949 / Sony Green Partner certification. Therefore, our customers can rely on our internationally recognized Quality system.

We have a own truck team for the delivery in China and employ the reliable forwarder to help us to take care the shipment around the world. We could deliver the PCBs as the best lead time as below

Trial Run

Single-sided PCBs 3 ~ 4 days (NC)
Silver through hole PCBs 5~7 days (NC)

Mass Product
Single-sided PCBs 14 days
Silver through hole PCBs 21 days

As we purchase the raw material in volume basis under group, we can enjoy the best price from our suppliers. Our PCBs price is more compatible in the market also.

We can provide a full range service to customer included Single-sided / double-sided / multi-layer PCBs and promised to deliver you a high quality product and serve you a total satisfaction on delivery, price and after-sales services.

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