1993 Kyosha IDT (Holdings) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong by Kyosha Co. Ltd. & IDT International Ltd. as a joint-venture company to manufacture PCB in PRC. (Capital: HK$ 19,325,000)
1994 Panyu Kyosha IDT Circuit Technology Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou) was incorporated in Panyu, PRC with paid up capital HKD 40,000,000
1995 Panyu Kyosha IDT Circuit Technology Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou) commenced single-sided PCB production with 2 automatic printing lines in Jun. (Monthly capacities: 100,000 square meter)
1997 Kyosha IDT (Holdings) Co. Ltd and Panyu Kyosha IDT Circuit Technology Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou) was accredited ISO9002 certification.
1998 After the 2nd phase of factory completed, the factory area increased from 3,859 to 5,859 square meters.
One addition automatic printing line installed and the production capacity increased from 100,000 to 150,000 square meters.
2000 The company was successfully listed on the main board of Stock Exchange of Singapore under the name of Kyosha Holdings (Singapore) Ltd. in March.
2001 The 3rd phase of factory completed in November and the factory area increased to 18,196 square meters.
The company was started the Silver through Hole PCB business and the new printing line for Silver through holes product was successfully installed.
2002 To continue emphasis on product quality and control, the company was succeeded to up-grade the ISO 9001:2000 in January.
2003 The company was certificated for ISO 14001 and Sony Green Partner in recognition for ours commitment to environmental protection.
2005 Kyosha Co. Ltd bought back all the shares from IDT for Kyosha (Singapore) Ltd. in Stock exchange of Singapore. After privatization, Kyosha Co. Ltd became a full capital owner of Kysoha Hong Kong Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Kyosha Circuit Technology Co. Ltd.
2006 Two single-sided automatic production lines moved in from Mexico factory. The capacities was increased 250,000 Sq. Meter a month.
The company was certificated for TS 16949 in recognition for ours capabilities on automotive industry.
2007 Kyosha Hong Kong Co., Ltd. established a subsidiary company namely Kyosha North America, Inc. in San Diego, California, USA.
2010 Kyosha Hong Kong established subsidiary company in Bangkok namely Kyosha (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2011 Guangzhou Kyosha extended their capabilities to produce the punching die business.
2012 Guangzhou Kyosha succeeded to pass the examination program of Cleaner Production by the Guangzhou Government.
2014 Kyosha Hong Kong established subsidiary company in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur namely KS Circuit Technology Sdn. Bhd.
2014 Kyosha Hong Kong established subsidiary company in Guangzhou namely Guangzhou Kyosha Trading Co., Ltd. for domestic sales in China.
2015 2015 Guangzhou Kyosha Celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2017 Guangzhou Kyosha succeeded to Certify by China Customs as Advanced Certified Enterprise (‘AA’ Level) of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

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